Frequently asked questions

What happens when I purchase a video?

After you have purchased a video with us, it will stay indefinitely in your account that you create with us. You can log in anytime from anywhere and it will be available for you to watch and learn from! Videos can be accessed on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop using high speed internet connection.

What are some of the products used througout these videos?

Products range from drugstore to highend! We accomodate every level of makeup in our videos. You will have each product + brush used in each video listed as you go along with the tutorial.

Are certifications available for these courses?

Online Certifications are not yet available.

Still looking for answers?

Contact us at Please include the following so we may better assist you: 1.Your order number, if applicable 2. The email address associated with your account 3. An explanation of the issue you are experiencing and any other relevant information We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Am I certified makeup artist?

I am not. I have been trained by celebrity coaches + teachers to learn the art of makeup. This website is to welcome everyone who enjoys the craft of makeup and aspires to be good at it. We are here to celebrate that you do not need a degree to prove your artistry, infact you can come here to learn with us. Although having a certification is a great plus to your bank of knowledge it is not a requirement to be certified to be a bomb make up artist!

Steps to retrieve video download

You will be sent an email that will have the link to download your purchased videos valid for 30 days as well as a link on the thank you page after you purchase the video(s). To download: (iPhone) Step 1. Download zipfile either through link sent to your email or directly on the page after you purchased the video. Step 2. Once the download has been completed, on the right side of the URL bar click on the zipfile to decompress the file to then watch the video. Step 3. You can save the video in either your iCloud at this point or your video library. Sit back and enjoy your video!

Understanding the tutorial!

The video(s) all list: 1). Brushes used 2). Products used 3). Steps to complete look Throughout the video, I first introduce each brush needed alongside the product. Then we combine the two for the step by step process that executes the look.